Such Great Heights ft. Sue Bird

Olympic gold medallist Sue Bird also plays for the Seattle Storm in the WNBA and worked in the front office of the Denver Nuggets. This summer, Bird carried the flag for the Americans when their teams made their way into the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics and Bird, leading her squad, led the American women’s basketball team to an unprecedented fifth gold.
CBD is a way of life.
She’s widely regarded as the greatest player in the history of women’s basketball. And she’s devoted to CBD. A product tester for Mendico, an American CBD company that was started by Rachel Rapinoe—the sister of her wife, the great soccer genius Megan Rapinoe—Sue Bird is one of the sporting world’s biggest stars to go all-in on CBD. “CBD is a way of life,” she says. She uses her CBD either from gummies or with the salve stick, a product she helped develop, which she has said helps alleviate pain and get a better night’s sleep. “The more sleep you get, you’re just better off,” she said. “When I use it, I get instant relief the next day.”