Summertime Hits: Your Cannabis, Reviewed


Flicker Buds $5/G at 15G

Flicker Buds from Trailblazer are an indica-dominant strain with good THC potency and terrific value. It has a complex, funky and robust aroma and a calm, soothing effect, thanks to its prevalence my Myrcene.

PRODUCER: OrganigramnPOTENCY: SatisfyingnTHC: 15.00 - 20.00% / CBD: 00.15%nPLANT TYPE: Indica DominantnTERPENES: Myrcene, Carophyllene, PinenenPROVINCE: New BrunswicknMETHOD: Indoor, 3-tier, strain-specific & data-driven

Personal Notes:

Buds are very dry and dense

Evidence of some terpenes

One nug breaks up well

After grinding there is a hint of sweet aroma

Burns clean; woody with subtle notes of spice and sweetness

After the first decent haul it's a smooth, not-too-overwhelming high

Summer is here 'cause I'm on a beach! Sure, it's Lake Ontario and there's a nuclear power plant in the background, but I've backed Flicker Buds, drinking water, and snacks. Trailblazer is known as one of the best value brands in the country and it creeps up lightly, but isn't intense. I recommend both the brand, and Lake Ontario, for a satisfying dip.


BC Pink Kush $49.95/3.5G

This BC Pink Kush is an indica-dominant strain with very strong THC potency and traces of sweet vanilla and candy perfume. It's terpene profile includes Myrcene and Nerolidol, and it's available pre-rolled or in 3.5g and 7g dried flower sizes.

PRODUCER: FLOWRnPOTENCY: Very strongnTHC: 20.00 - 25.00 % / CBD: 0.00 - 1.00 %nPLANT TYPE: Indica DominantnTERPENES: Pinene, Carophyllene, and OcimenenPROVINCE: Okanagan, BCnMETHOD: Indoor

Personal Notes:

Light gassy smell on opening the jar

Nice red hairs and a lighter green tone to the bud

Terpenes are visible on most parts of the flower

Flower is light and fluffy

The gas comes out once its ground up and it breaks up well

Subtle sweet petrol taste

Good head high

A bit of a body buzz

This is an easy smoke, clean; perfect for another Ontario day at the beach. I burn down a joint pretty quickly and within 20 minutes I am definitely lifted. I had my feet in the sand for what I assumed was a long time and they were getting kind of numb and tingly.


Granddaddy Purple $9.75/G

Granddaddy Purple is a relaxing, super chill, indica-dominant organic flower with pale green buds that are covered in adorable purple trichomes. Aromas of rosemary and parsley make Granddaddy Purple a flavourful choice for cannabis connoisseurs.

PRODUCER: 48NORTHnPOTENCY: Pretty strongnTHC: 15.00 - 18.00 % / CBD: 0.00 - 1.00 %nPLANT TYPE: Indica DominantnTERPENES: Beta-Carophylene, Nerolidol, PinenenPROVINCE: Brant CountynREGION: KincardinenMETHOD: Farm

Personal Notes:

Light veggie green smell on opening the jar

Mild hint of spice

The bud is light and fluffy

Peppery smell after it was ground up

Good body buzz; feels like you can taste that it was grown outdoors

It's a sunny, breezy morning and i'm heading for a jog through the forest. I got my playlist loaded, I've stretched a litt,e and I take a quick hit of Granddaddy Purple to move me along. Some people like their electrolytes. I prefer cannabinoids when I'm running through the jungle. The trail is amazing, the light shining thorugh the trees is fantastic and I'm feeling like I could be at this all day. Granddaddy Purple for the win.


Houndstooth & Soda $3.95/1x355ML

This soda water from Tweed is infused with Houndstooth cannabis, a sativa-dominant strain. Each can has 2mg of THC.

LICENSED PRODUCER: TweednBRAND: TweednPOTENCY: StandardnTHC: 2.00mg/can / CBD: 0.00 - 1.00mg/cannPLANT TYPE: Sativa DominantnEXTRACTION PROCESS: CO2nALLERGENS: Soy

Personal Notes:

Tastes like hibiscus tea carbonated soda

I garnished it with a cucumber wedge, damn refreshing

One can of soda has no effect on me. Four, on the other hand...

Sunday, Father's Day. It's a gorgeous day to be outside on the deck with ribs cooking away in the smoker. My dad is spending the day with us and he's drinking a Chilean red and I'm sippin' on my second Tweed's Houndstooth & Soda garnished with a fat cucumber wedge. It has a distinct flavour that makes me think of a carbonated lime-flavoured hibiscus tea. It's great to be chillin' with my pop and now I get a chance to enjoy cannabis in front of him without it being awkward. By the time I've cracked open my fourth Houndstooth, he's convinced me to give him one of my homegrown cannabis plants.


Grapefruit Sparkling $5.20/1x355ML

This soda water from Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg's Houseplant is grapefruit flavoured and infused with sativa-dominant THC distillate.

LICENSED PRODUCER: Canopy GrowthnBRAND: HouseplantnPOTENCY: StandardnTHC: 2.00mg/can / CBD: 0.00 - 1.00mg/cannPLANT TYPE: Sativa DominantnEXTRACTION PROCESS: CO2nALLERGENS: Soy, sulphitesnGROWING PROVINCE: Ontario

Personal Notes:

Strong grapefruit scent, standard soda taste

No cannabis flavour

Requires more than one serving for the average cannabis consumer to feel any effects

Great option for lounging outside on a patio or in a picnic setting

Consider a delicious garnish like watermelon

Lounging outside at a picnic with friends, I can't help but think that the Houseplant, made by a company owned by Seth Rogen, has me adopting the laugh of the Knocked Up star. Are my friends that funny or is Houseplant that good? Let's just say I'm good for another round. Well done.


Tingle Drops 1:1 THC:CBD $64.95/1x27ML

Veryvell Tingle Drops provide the freedom to infuse any food or beverage with cannabis. Packed into a sleek little dropper for precise portions of dissolvable cannabis, it's convenient and easy to mix. Plus, it dissolves in seconds.

LICENSED PRODUCER: HEXOnBRAND: VeryvellnPOTENCY: Medium (1:1)nTHC: 7 - 8.00mg/ml / CBD: 7 - 8.00mg/cannPLANT TYPE: BlendnEXTRACTION PROCESS: CO2nGROWING METHOD: Greenouse

Personal Notes:

Very easy to pack and utilize for almost any occasion

No taste or smell of cannabis

For the inexperienced, a full packet should be consumed with a large quantity of liquid or use half a portion every 30 minutes or longer

8 minutes = toes tingling

15 minutes = feeling a little drowsy

20 minutes = very elevated

The Veryvell drops are so easy to mix with water, they're perfect for trips or basically anything that you think could be improved by some cannabis. I mix a few drops in a 350ml bottle of water and feel very happy about the future of weed.


Raspberry Soft Chews (5 pieces, 2mg THC/piece) $8.20/pack

These raspberry-flavoured soft chews are infused with THC from a sativa-dominant cannabis plant. Each pack contains five 2mg soft chews.

LICENSED PRODUCER: AuroranPOTENCY: StandardnTHC: 10.00mg/pack / CBD: 0.00mg/packnPLANT TYPE: Sativa DominantnEXTRACTION PROCESS: CO2nGROWING PROVINCE: Alberta

Personal Notes:

Tasty candy

Flavour is good

Full dose taken

Tingly toes and heavy shoulders within the first 15 minutes

Trails/tracers when eyes were closed within 20 minutes

Fully levitated by 30 minutes

The parks have opened and I finally get to catch up in person with a few friends. As a result of COVID-times, passing around a doobie during a pandemic is a terrible idea, so everyone had their own pack of Aurora Soft Chews. Within 10 minutes of eating them all I have a mild body buzz and my shoulders are a little heavy.

Chowie Wowie

Balanced solid milk chocolate (2 pieces: 5mg THC/piece) $7.80/1x045g

Creamy and smooth Chowie Wowie Balanced THC/CBD Milk Chocolate contains one piece of quality milk chocolate with equal amounts of THC and CBD. Leveraging 100% THC and CBD distillate, the chocolate bar is mellow, easy dosing—the kind of thing you can munch on at a music festival all day (you know, like if there never was COVID-19).


Personal Notes:

Tasty chocolate, nice mild hint of cannabis

Balance is good, 1:1 THC:CBD cannabis

Within 12 minutes, my limbs feel lighter

Within 20 minutes, 1 have a full body buzz

30 minutes and I feel TOTALLY AWESOME

Another day, another cannabis product to test and the Chowie Wowie I take into the woods. Overall, it was an amazing stroll through the great outdoors. I genuinely felt relaxed and my runner's high seemed to have stuck around longer than usual.


THC milk chocolate bar (4 pieces, 2.5mg/piece) $4.80/pack

Sustainably-sourced cacao and powered by Indiva. These bars combine rich 48% cocoa and THC and are scored into four pieces. The chocolate tastes good adn while I like a THC:CBD mix, the THC also does quite well on its own, thank you very much.


Personal Notes:

10mg of THC for less than $5 is a very good deal

Pretty standard chocolate, not too sweet

No taste of cannabis

Consumed the whole bar at once

Within 10 minutes my feet were numbing

25 minutes and I ahve a very mellow and relaxing body buzz

The chocolate isn't too sweet, I'm happy. Even for me, this was a hard assignment. This was a lot of herb. I gobbled down the whole bar and relaxed into a nice even buzz. For once, all my cannabis was completed. Now that I was stoned and my work was over, it was time to chill.