The Divvy Guide To A Blissful Canadian Summer

Richie, One Plant Kensington, Toronto

Amazing coffee, and Divvy it up between friends, because what is life without the sweet, sweet nectar of coffee? A single-origin Sumatra, or a Blue Mountain reserve from Jamaica.

Michelle, Spiritleaf, Kelowna

I’m known for my theme party. It’s my jam. For Divvy, I’d go all out: slip and slides, water wings, waist life savers, mini pools filled with drinks, swag bags and all the snacks. I would make the Dollar Store my bitch and just go full-tilt in the summer section to throw the ultimate summer jam!

Michael, Spiritleaf, Kelowna

How would I Divvy up $120? Coffee gift certificates for my friends and crew!

Amanda, Pineapple Express, Victoria

Oooooh, I would buy all the art supplies and Slushies and take anyone who would come with me to the beach for a day of creativity and sunshine! I think it’s great that we’re going to be allowed to share things again!

Clifford, Spiritleaf Little Italy, Toronto

I’d buy an Ontario Parks Pass that I would share with friends. Although it can’t be split, I would Divvy it out to groups of friends who want to take turns using it with their own friends or their family!

Michele, Superette, Toronto

Margaritas and paints for my friends! We’d pull names from a hat and paint something that reflects the friend we pulled! As the sun sets, I’d pass everyone a sparkler and spell our names while having photos taken. I’d put the pics up to remember!

Melissa, Seven Points Cannabis Bloor, Toronto

I’d buy anything we can dress up with and poster paper to make backdrops and have a big, silly photo session. We’d do prom poses and document the whole thing—I love the Divvy 12-pack joints, great for when I feel lush.