The Frequently Asked Questions about KIND Gardens

KIND Gardens is an exclusive summit which will run from 11am-4:20pm ahead of doors opening for KIND Summer Fair on July 5 and 6. KIND Gardens is about education, experience and engagement and will include sampling for educational purposes.
KIND Gardens is exclusively for Budtenders and Retailers and will require your CannSell ID at the door to confirm.
What’s the difference between KIND Gardens and KIND Summer Fair?
KIND Gardens is specifically for bud tenders and front line staff who are currently working in a store environment, whereas the Summer Fair is open to everyone (retailers, consumers, bud tenders, brands, regular people).
What’s the purpose of KIND Gardens?
This is a specially designed summit for the future leaders of cannabis. The purpose of KIND Gardens is to help top front line staff and bud tenders think differently and expand their horizons. KIND Gardens will focus on driving unique education through a light speaker series, enable bud tenders to have access to cannabis they might not otherwise have access to via sampling, and it is designed to test the knowledge and skillset of the best bud tenders through Budtender Olympics.
What can I expect at KIND Gardens?
You can expect 70 minutes of content via Ted Talk type talks, designated opportunities to walk around and have your passport stamped by brands so you can receive your sample (free weed) and you can expect to test your skills (if you want) via Budtender Olympics.
Can you go to KIND Gardens if you’re not a Budtender?
NO, you must be a bud tender currently working in a store and Cannsell certified. We will need proof of both at the door for entry: NO Exceptions.
What is the timing of KIND Gardens?
KIND Gardens will run from 11 a.m.-420 p.m. Check in begins at 1045 a.m. and doors close at 11:20—no exceptions. The purpose of this is to ensure the full curated experience from start to finish and anyone coming late will disrupt the flow/be out of place. BE ON TIME. To be safe, arrive at 10:30.
Once KIND Gardens is over at 4:20 p.m., your ticket will be used as entry for the Fair where you will be able to consume your samples.
Is there consumption KIND Gardens?
There is no consumption in KIND Gardens. You will be receiving your samples via a passport, and cannot consume those samples in KIND Gardens. You will have to wait for break times or wait until you are in the Fair where there is a designated Spinach consumption lounge.
Why do you need my CannSell number?
We need your Cannsell number and certificate to verify you are indeed certified and working at a store. Because this is the largest sampling event with a lot of eyes on it, we will be enforcing a zero tolerance policy. Meaning, if you do not have your proof of Cannsell and a paystub from within 1 month, you will not be let into KIND Gardens.
How much free weed do I get?
You will receive up to 25 grams of cannabis via Professional Education Sampling. Once you get into KIND Gardens and have verified your Cannsell, ID and Paystub, you will receive a passport that contains all of the brands hosted within KG. At certain points during the Summit, you will have an opportunity to take the passport to a brand, talk to the rep, stamp your passport and receive your Sample.
How can I connect with LPs?
You can connect with LPs during the break, sampling and bud tender Olympic designated times. You can also connect with them after KIND Gardens is finished, outside of the Summer Fair. This event is focused on creating one-to-one relationships between bud tenders, front line staff and LPs. You will be meeting a lot of people behind the brand!
Will I have time to hang with my Buds?
There will be plenty of time to hang with your Buds during designated break and sampling times, along with after KIND Gardens in the Summer Fair.
Can I bring someone who’s not a Budtender?
You cannot bring anyone to KIND Gardens who is not a bud tender. You can have them purchase a ticket for the Summer Fair and meet you at 4:20 p.m. in the Cabana grounds.
BONUS: Wake and Bake!!!
There are 20 spots available in the Sunday Market Wake and bake on July 5. Please email us directly if you’d like to attend and we will get your connected and sorted for next steps.
To purchase your tickets to KIND Gardens, please click here.