The Herb Somm: Summer Berry Palmer

  • kind: Tell us about your background and what brought you to this canna culinary life? Has Cannabis always been part of your life and is there any anecdote that makes sense for when things changed?

    Jamie Evans: I am the founder of The Herb Somm, which is a culinary meets cannabis blog and lifestyle brand that focuses on the gourmet side of the cannabis industry. I am best known for my cannabis dining events and wine and weed experiences, but I’m also the author of The Ultimate Guide to CBD and Cannabis Drinks: Secrets to Crafting CBD and THC Beverages at Home. Alongside my work in the cannabis space, I am a Certified Specialist of Wine and French Wine Scholar with over a decade of wine industry experience.

    My relationship with cannabis began back in college while studying wine and viticulture at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, but it wasn’t until January 2017 that I began using cannabis for medical purposes, or with intention. I had witnessed a terrible car accident and couldn’t sleep. Instead of turning to alcohol or pharmaceutical drugs, I wanted to find a holistic way to heal myself, and started researching cannabis.

    Sensitive to products high in THC, I quickly become passionate about it’s counterpart, CBD. The more I learned about cannabis, the more I realized there are so many similarities between cannabis and wine, but the ways in which cannabis works with our internal systems is what ultimately led to my career change.

    I launched The Herb Somm blog in 2017. After spending over a decade working in the wine industry, the culinary side to cannabis felt like a natural fit, so I dove right in. It’s been quite the journey ever since.

  • kind: When did you start infusing cannabis in your beverages?

    JE: My passion for cannabis mixology deepened while writing my first book, The Ultimate Guide to CBD.

    After writing the beverages chapter, I learned so much more about the craft and quickly discovered that infusing drinks is my preferred method to consume cannabis. There are so many creative ways to infuse beverages at home. The goal with my new book, Cannabis Drinks, is to share all of the secrets that I’ve learned throughout my wine and cannabis journey.

  • kind: We love your new drinks book! Tell us more about your newest book Cannabis Drinks: Secrets to Crafting CBD and THC Beverages at Home! What were the criteria for the recipes you chose and is there a unifying theme throughout your pages?

    Different from other books in this category, Cannabis Drinks offers something to both beginners and experts as well as for those who only want to use CBD and/or THC, presenting many approaches to enhancing beverages.

    For the newbies, this book also provides an in depth look into infused beverage basics and general cannabis 101, including features that highlight the differences between CBD and THC, understanding bioavailability rates and the entourage effect, how to dose infused drinks, how to serve infused drinks, how to evaluate cannabis flower by using sensory evaluation, and so much more. There are also several essential how-tos and infusion guides that break down topics such as decarboxylation and heating techniques. And above all, this book is approachable to anyone curious to learn more, which is a theme I wanted to carry throughout the pages.

    For those who require a higher dose, I’ve also included a section on how to increase the potency of the DIY infusions (pg. 70). There’s something for everyone!

  • Do you find that cannabis infused beverages are well received? How do you handle those obstacles the stigma, the laws, the restrictions behind brand and do you feel as though there is still a learning curve with introducing the cannaculinary world to the masses?

    Cannabis infused beverages are a great place to start if you’re a beginner. The commercially made products that are in the market today are attractive to the consumer because they taste great and they are easy to understand since our society is so familiar with drinks and the consumption process. Following health trends, infused drinks are also a fantastic alternative to alcohol. With the new low dose options that are now available, these beverages offer a similar experience to drinking one glass of wine or a beer, but without the hangover.

    The best part is, you can also easily craft your own infused drinks at home to best suit your needs. It's just a matter of using the right techniques, which readers can master after reading my book.

    Unfortunately, lighting up a joint or hitting a vape at a public gathering is still frowned upon in some places. Cannabis drinks are helping break the stigma because they are more discreet, which makes them well received by consumers.

  • What is your favourite way to enjoy this beautiful plant and do you have a favourite summertime recipe?

    During the evening, I like to introduce THC rich products (as well as CBN) and prepare cannabis infused cocktails to help me relax and unwind.

    As we approach summertime, I am pleased to present a few of my favourite recipes. I hope you enjoy Summer Crush, a spirit-free mixed drink made with fresh watermelon juice, lime juice, cannabis infused rich simple syrup, a pinch of sea salt, and egg white for a frothy finish. And my Summer Berry Palmer, which is a combination of raspberry iced tea, homemade cannabis infused lemonade, and a blend of muddled summer berries. Cheers, and enjoy!

Part iced tea, part lemonade, the Arnold Palmer is a celebrated summer favourite that’s undeniably refreshing. Originating in the late 1960s, this thirst-quenching concoction was named after world-famous golfer, Arnold Palmer, after he ordered the combination after a long day on the golf course. I love making Arnold Palmers, especially with a twist! I call this recipe the Summer Berry Palmer. Blending freshly prepared raspberry iced tea, fresh cannabis-infused lemonade, and muddled raspberries and blackberries, this is the perfect alcohol-free drink to quench your thirst.
Summer Berry Palmer

1 cup (240 ml) water


Makes 1 serving. nnEquipment: nSmall saucepannOne 8oz (240ml) sterilized Mason jarnShaker tinnMuddlernFine-mesh strainernHighball glassnBar spoon


Begin by brewing the raspberry tea. Using a small saucepan, bring the water to a boil, then remove from the heat. Add the teabags and steep for 4 minutes.


Remove the teabags, then pour the raspberry tea into an 8-ounce (240-ml) Mason jar and set in the refrigerator to cool.


Once chilled, fill a highball glass with ice, then add the raspberries and blackberries to the shaker tin. Muddle the fruit together until the juices release, then add 5 ounces (150 ml) of the chilled raspberry tea.


Cover and dry shake (no ice) vigorously for 10 seconds, then strain the liquid through a fine-mesh strainer into the highball glass.


Add the cannabis-infused lemonade, then stir together using a bar spoon. Add fresh berries, lemon wheel, and thyme sprig to garnish.

How to Make Cannabis-infused Lemonade


Juice 1 cup (240 ml) of fresh-squeezed lemon juice. Remove the seeds and keep the pulp. Pour the juice into a mixing bowl, then add 1oz (30 ml) of Infused Rich Simple Syrup (page 89 in the book) and 2oz (60 ml) non-infused rich simple syrup.


Use a whisk to blend the ingredients together, then taste the lemonade. If you prefer a sweeter taste, add more non-infused rich simple syrup (or Infused Rich Simple Syrup for a stronger dose), then whisk again.


Enjoy it over ice or transfer it to a Mason jar and chill in the refrigerator until further use.


If you don’t have the supplies to infuse the rich simple syrup, simply substitute regular rich simple syrup, then add your favourite unflavoured tincture (at your preferred dose) into the mixing bowl before whisking.


Follow the directions as written and shake vigorously before serving.

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