The Product Drop: Wana Quick

Cannabis innovation can be a dicey endeavour. Who are we to improve upon a flower that has sparked so much joy for thousands of years? And yet, times change, and worlds modernize and disruption in the name of betterment cannot be denied. With Wana Quick, an extraordinary new edible, the game’s been updated, and innovation has taken a bow.
“We knew that the Canadian edible market could stand to be disrupted,” says Leah Thiel, Marketing Director of Indiva, who has previously launched cannabis edibles in the space. “We know what we like as consumers and what our dream product is. Now, we want to try to make that dream a reality.”
We know what we like as consumers and what our dream product is. Now, we want to make that dream a reality.
Wana Quick is a tasty pectin-based edible and may offer faster loading on and loading off times than traditional cannabis treats you consume. Even veteran smokers know that edibles can be specious territory, the high can vary, and oftentimes last way longer than you planned. The Wana Quick product has the potential to be absorbed more efficiently, which means it may result in a faster onset. So, when you pop a Wana Quick, you don’t need to know its strain and ratio has been enhanced with the entourage of more than 30 terpenes, the secret sauce of cannabis. You just want a product that tastes good, and feels good, one that offers a nice respite from your normal vibe. Better still, you’ll want to know how the high can vary with each flavour. Peach has sativa terpene-enhanced distillate, pineapple coconut is indica, and strawberry lime is a balanced 1:1 of THC to CBD. Whichever route you choose keep in mind that it may not take as long as a traditional edible to hit, and potentially will dissipate sooner as well.
“The edible onset time has been one of the biggest cannabis puzzles to unlock. It can take up to two hours to know if your edible is working, and not all of us are that patient,” says Thiel. “Sometimes you want an enduring edibles' high and sometimes, you may want to enjoy a faster and shorter experience.
Wana Quick is made by the same team behind the Wana Sour Gummies product line, which has Canada’s number one gummy market share. By focusing on a narrow segment of the market, the team at Indiva has regularly shown they’re first in class in a product category that, while crowded, could still stand to be improved. Wana Quick has the potential to hit users quicker and offset in less time than traditional edibles, for when you don't have all day. The fact is: the world is changing and cannabis, both before and after legalization, is a product that companies are researching, dissecting and, yes, making better. The flower has always been perfect. The delivery systems—with Wana Quick—may just get better with time.
*Cannabis affects everyone differently. Onset will be different for all consumers. Health Canada states that ingested cannabis takes 30 minutes to 2 hours to take effect and can last for up to 12 hours. In some cases, the effects of cannabis can last up to 24 hours.