The Superette deal that’s shifting the retail marketplace

Superette was started in October, 2018 by Mimi Lam and Drummond Munro and quickly became one of the buzziest cannabis retailers in the country. As the number of cannabis retail locations increased exponentially, the industry was forced to adapt. Earlier this month, the team behind Cannoe, led by CEO Matt McLeod and original investor Stephen Arbib, finalized the deal that would combine the two companies, to create a new super company, with twelve shops in operation.
“Superette is the most exciting brand in the space and has created a completely different retail experience,” says McLeod, who now acts as the Chief Executive Officer of the new company. “I think with Superette we can offer a fun, scalable, and unique consumer experience.”
The consumer experience in the cannabis space has helped the industry record more than $43-billion since legalization and, according to McLeod, we’re yet to reach the ceiling of how broad the cannabis consumer market might be. With the size of the marketplace, the new company will be able to cater to a broad demographic with different tastes and needs. McLeod says he’s a big booster for the industry and that he and all of his peers, standing on the shoulders of the activists who spearheaded the legalization movement, do important, proud work. Cannabis legalization, in the end, is only as good as the experience the consumers find when purchasing their weed.
“It’s an honour to be in the industry and we take incredibly seriously the privilege of helping shape what’s still an emerging industry in Canada,” McLeod says. "The cannabis community is broad and not monolithic. Our industry has a super exciting future and I love that I get a chance to build with Superette. I love that I get to learn and help our entire industry grow.”