In just a few days, newbies and chronics everywhere will celebrate 420, with thousands partaking right at 4:20 pm as per tradition. But one licensed producer (LP) in Canada, Lune Rise Farms, is hoping to draw the world’s attention to 4:20 am instead. Why? Well, a lot of meticulous work goes into delivering high quality bud on 420 and year-round, and that includes those who literally work in the shadows while most of us are sleeping.

Celebrating the unseen and unsung heroes of 420

“Our Celebrate 420 am initiative is all about honouring the cannabis passion that’s unseen. We’re the farmers, the shelf stockers, through-the-night shippers and dead-of-night innovators whose dedication makes others’ 420 great.” says Marty Johnston, who co-founded Lune Rise Farms in Teeswater, Ontario with his brother, Chris.

To #celebrate420am, Lune Rise Farms made an online video (shot overnight of course), which stars real producers, shippers, innovators and store owners. You might also see some social posts and in-store posters around as well. You can also watch a special livestream event hosted by Lune Rise Farms, airing at (you guessed it) 4:20 am on 4/20. Some lucky cannabis industry people and celebrity influencers will even receive a special event invitation, with a digital alarm clock pre-set for 4:10 am.

There would be no 420 without 4:20 am

“Look, last year’s North American cannabis sales on 420 alone were $192 Million USD,” says Chris Johnston, Lune Rise’s other founder. “Historically 420 has been more of a protest party in support of reforms. But now with legalization in Canada and many US states, 420 seemed like a great opportunity to support all the good things happening in legal [cannabis]. There would be no 420 without 4:20 am. Taking a moment to #Celebrate420am just seemed like the right thing to do.”

To learn more as we count down to 4:20am/420, visit lunerisefarms.com