Welcome To Little Jamaica: Eyesus

Eyesus is lean and sinewy and arrives in the baddest fashion of the afternoon. However, when asked about his style, he gravitates towards the spiritual. “We are true blessings from the Creator,” says Eyesus, whose name is a play on ‘eyes’ and ‘us,’ a reference to the all-seeing nature of the Almighty. “I want people to feel good, and positive, happy vibes when they hear my music,” he says. “Let them feel free of stress and everything going on.”
A dancehall artist and kinetic performer, Eyesus recently released the singles Family and Everything Will Be Alright, a play on the Bob Marley song which comes as a reassurance for our times of need. “Once you have life, you have everything,” he says. “Vanity, money—these things are nothing. Life and love, these are the blessings of my music.”
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