Moods and feelings. They’re funny things. I live my life in the grey area.
While that statement might lead you to believe I’m completely depressed – that’s not the case.
I’m as completely incomplete and perfectly imperfect as anyone is.nnThere is no other consumer packaged product on the market that induces and supports emotional diversity (with its extremely robust biodiversity) more than cannabis.nnWhen the legal market was incubating, I spoke of “emodiversity,” which is experiencing the whole spectrum of our emotions as the key to our wellbeing. While most topics today are divisive (especially when referencing emotions and personal realities) – we need not think of them in terms of an existing polarity…not yin or yang, nor black or white. The vast range of greys in between, the nuanced rainbow and the spectrum of colours inside provide an emotional plurality and diversity against traditional toxic wellness expectations.


“People who are emotional are much more engaged. And because emotions are ‘memory markers,’ they remember more.” Thales Teixeira, Harvard Business School.

Cannabis is a mood driver—a natural experience enhancer. The very varietal nature of cannabis lends itself to emodiversity. Including emodiversity means nurturing emotional literacy and intimacy. This is mirrored in our desire to attain “balance” in our lives as a conduit for happiness. We’re simultaneously developing our emotional literacy as we further understand the plant. Without it, we run the risk of being “too elevated” and almost homogenous in sentiment and communications across the board. I guarantee you that enlightened consumers can smell that saccharin bullshit on your breath.

Emotional Literacy & Intimacy

“According to Karla McLaren, an emotional expert and empathy pioneer, emotions are crucial to every aspect of our world. They're vital to our thought- and decision-making process.

“Anyone who practices mindfulness or meditation understands the concept of acknowledging passing thoughts … and then allowing any given thought or distraction to move along. These little checks and balances are well-known factors that lead to “a more balanced and peaceful life.”

One cultural trend that’s been gaining momentum and shows no sign of letting up (nor should it) is inclusivity. Acknowledging and including the more obscure, bizarre, and muted feelings and moods make cannabis approachable and realistic. Industry OG’s will agree to “keep cannabis weird.

Emotional Inclusivity

Given our collective trauma and sheer exhaustion over calamitous events over the last 24 months: we must be mindful not to throw audiences into an ever-elevated psychosis. Because the better part of the population has little bandwidth for any more negativity at this point, the silver linings become highlights of the often overlooked and cast-away grey areas.

If emotions are ‘memory markers’ and cannabis is a catalyst of “memory makers,” how does emodiversity look and feel when it hits the market? In my mind, it’s more like a Venn diagram of our experiences with colliding emotions; an evolving, moving, continuous kaleidoscope rather than a rainbow where the values are running parallel to each other. Our emotional diversity flows into emotional literacy, and then inclusivity. Here are products that share these values and most likely, will resonate with—and even illuminate—your most beautiful, grey matters:

Being Oral Strips

Sublingual strips are fast-acting and can be used discreetly to achieve some immediate ease and change. Being Fast Acting Oral THC QuickStrip™ is a smoke-free cannabis alternative that delivers more cannabinoids per equivalent dose, faster, than other non-combustible formats. Being strips can easily be torn into smaller segments for micro-dosing.

Dayly Toothpaste

CBD & THC Toothpaste is a new wake-n-bake format providing quick uptake and the essential oils like Peppermint Oil and Tea Tree Oil work nicely with terpenes to round out the experience. EaseWhite CBD Toothpaste is formulated with 125 mg CBD and 6.2 5mg THC. Free from Parabens, Silicones, Sulfates.

BIG diamonds loose and resin

Live resin hits differently

Ouid Uplift

Additionally to the above, Ouid’s Herbal Uplift Blend provides a low-dose herbal smoking experience without tobacco or harmful chemicals. Awaken your senses with this revitalizing blend. Featuring tulsi, peppermint, and gotu kola, these powerhouse herbs are known for their ability to spark and support energy and creativity. Stimulating without being too overwhelming, it’s the perfect pick-me-up.

48N Bath Salts

The beneficial act of soaking into water (and feelings) is as old as time to aid personal and spiritual connection

Pleasure Peaks Suppositories

Physical and emotional intimacy are intrinsically linked. Understanding how cannabis can nurture “ecstasy” deepens emotional literacy and our connection to others. Intended to enhance pleasure, and reduce discomfort for better sexual health and intimacy, Pleasure Peak’s suppository ovules are formulated for vaginal and/or anal use for optimal pleasure experiences..

Olli Elderberry Lozenges

For me, CBD helps me feel more present and not too elevated. With 10mg THC : 200mg CBD per package, Olli’s Elderberry Citrus Essential Lozenges help support overall personal wellness using only premium ingredients.

Medipharm Night CBN Oil

Circadian and Sleep Health are some of the fastest-growing trends as we know how light and sleep qualities are linked to our overall well-being. Including CBN into your evening and sleep ritual is a wonderful entry point to dreamland. Explore other molecules - because this diversity is key to the future of cannabis and hemp use. MediPharm Labs CBN1:2 is a pharma-quality high-CBN Nighttime Formula made using refined CBN material. Each drop of high-quality oil (activation) contains approximately 0.28 mg of CBN, 0.55 mg of THC, and 0.03 mg of CBD.

Wanna Quick Gummies

For those who are looking for a sweeter sleep support option (without ingesting oil tinctures) should try Wana Quick Midnight Berry Gummies. They have a sweet berry flavour combined with a custom blend of 5 mg CBN, 10 mg CBD, and 2 mg THC, and a custom indica terpene blend per gummie. Best consumed at night, they're handcrafted with pectin, so they are vegan and gluten-free. Wana Quick Midnight Berry Gummies are enhanced with over 30 specialized terpenes recommended for nighttime use. Wana Quick gummies may result in a quicker onset and offset of effects.*

True North Honey Sticks

Speaking of rituals and connection, the honey products landing in the market are primed for more than just high-teatime! Tea-drinking is on the rise and with our “at home” cooking/baking skills now going strong – THC honey products are an easy, socially-palpable application into edibles. The inclusion of discreet dosing makes cannabis more inclusive to many. True North CBD Honey Sticks is a high-quality CBD-infused honey, individually packaged to deliver 20 mg of CBD per stick. Sweet, natural, smoothing.

Kawehnoke Eri'ko:wa 510 Thread Cartridge

Industry inclusivity is the right thing to do. Since Canada’s Indigenous Peoples grew the plant for hundreds of years before anyone else – there needs to be a spotlight on this. Indigenous growers cannot be relegated to the outskirts of the industry if we are to be truly inclusive. From Canada's first 100% Indigenous Licensed Producer, SEV7N’s Kawehnoke Eri'ko:wa Island Cherry 510 Thread Cartridge is a hybrid strain with sweet cherry flavour and strong THC and terpenes levels.