21 For ’21

The year has been a little… challenging, to say the least. Thankfully, the legal Canadian cannabis industry has introduced terrific new products and flower, edibles, beverages and, of course, glorious hash. Herewith, with the help of our friends, we recommend twenty-one products to spark up your spring.
In December, Canada’s budtenders awarded Redecan with the inaugural kind cup, presenting them with the trophy for Brand of the Year, 2020. The concept for the trophy was to create something original that celebrated the flower and connected it with nature. Redecan sent us beautiful bud that we encased in gold and resin, and mounted on a beautiful piece of solid birch wood.
While we’re vaping and rolling all their new product, we’re also stoked to see what the budtenders are feeling for 2021’s big boss award.

Avitas by 48North in its Blueberry cartridge

This is a clean cult-favourite with a euphoric high and a blissful blend of indica that makes it one of the best items in vape.

The Go Play Mandarin Cookies by FIGR

is a beautiful new sativa strain sparking joy in consumers across the country and one of the few Mandarin Cookie strains available in both pre-roll and dried flower.

LYF Edibles

This company has created a unique offering with their hand-crafted chocolate covered fruit chews. Acai Berry Burst & Very Cherry bites are packed with fresh fruit, then dipped in chocolate—yum and yum, with premium cannabis extract by Valens.

Simply Bare Sour Cookies

“For premium, one of my favourite new flavours. It’s got a savoury biscotti flavour and Sour Patch Kids finish that is just awesome, really good.” - Andy Palalas, High Tide Inc.

The Farm Box from Pure Sunfarms

This is an elegant solution to a serious problem: what to do with our stash? With artwork designed to illustrate the glorious Sunfarms greenhouse in Fraser Valley, BC, the hinged box is tasteful and safe, a salute to another licensed producer thinking about how to ensure legalization is successful. You know a producer is growing good weed when they also do a good job with attendant accoutrements.

Good Supply

“I’m a Good Supply evangelist. If you haven’t tried Purple Monkey, then you haven’t tried legal weed. It’s a fun product with a great flavour, like Sweet Tarts with a real candy vibe in there. It’s fun to hang out with.” - Andy Palalas, High Tide Inc.

Original Stash

Original Stash provides you with a good reason to go legal with your hash. It’s straightforward and uncomplicated. A rich brown resinous hash sold for a lot less than you’d expect. Something we can all use a little more of.


"This is a great woman-owned company that found the solution to the lack of legal topicals post-legalization. They invented a formula that you can easily mix with as much cannabis oil as you want to reach the desired potency. We heard they are collaborating with licensed producers to come out with their own pre-infused topicals to reach the recreational market. We can’t wait and feel lucky to have them in the game." - Jessica Bonilla, The Niagara Herbalist


“Carmel Cannabis may be the new kids on the Licensed Producer block, but they’re far from rookies. Their philosophy of “don’t grow the most, grow the most desired” is reflected in their high quality, limited drops of unique strains like Garlic Breath and Animal Face. They are the first to introduce a Breath strain in the legal market, and it did not disappoint.” - Jessica Bonilla, owner of The Niagara Herbalist

TGOD Organic Fire

Chunky dense buds covered in frosty trichomes that look so beautiful on this popular indica strain that you might not know whether to hang it in an art gallery or grind it and roll it up (tip: grind it and roll it up).

Philter Pocket

Used in conjunction with your favourite vaporizer or smoking accessory, Pocket by Philter Labs Inc., is a slim, handheld personal filter that provides a smoke-free experience. Works with cannabis, CBD and nicotine. Available at participating retailers including Canna Cabana, META, Circle K, Mac's Convenience Stores and Sobeys.

Chowie Wowie

A pineapple mango gummy might not be history’s best antidote to a bad day. We’re just saying—after a year of COVID, it’s never once let us down.

Ziggi Papers

Consciously crafted and made with love at the foothills of the Julian Alps in Slovenia, Ziggi Rolling Papers use only the finest ethically sourced materials and ingredients. At the core of the Ziggi brand ethos and mission is a hyper-focus on minimizing environmental footprint, while providing premium quality, high-grade Equipment that delivers a super user experience. Sending positive vibes earth-wide, soon available online at www.ziggipapers.com

Daily Special's Super Sour Diesel

“Really nice value pick.” - Andy Palalas, High Tide Inc.


“It was in the underground that Flowr earned their stripes, honed their craft and grew their reputation. And that commitment to quality they made in the shadows, they still carry now standing in the light. BC Pink Kush has been a top-selling Indica for us and nothing has quite replaced it, despite multiple Pink Kush options. We rely on it and so do our customers.” - Jessica Bonilla, owner of The Niagara Herbalist

Haven St. Indigo Daze: Dare to Daze?

Go beyond the horizon. The dense buds of Haven St. Indigo Daze sparkle like the indigo sky. Dazzling dark greens shimmer with crystal trichomes. Flavours of citrus and pepper delight. While the high THC potency unwinds. Take the daze off.


Any time you buy a sack of weed and it’s purple—like the Canaca Green Cush—you just know that Canada is doing alright with this whole “legalization” thing.

Ice Cream Cake by 7ACRES

7ACRES to me is always super on point. Obsessed with quality, and they respect the plant mentality. It’s a throwback to everything that was good about the black market.” - Andy Palalas, High Tide Inc.

Ace Valley Chews

I’m a big fan of the new Ace Valley Chews, really nice. I like the blueberry lavender, but the grapefruit is really popular. - Andy Palalas, High Tide Inc.

Wana Japanese Yuzu 2:1 Sour Soft Chews

“This is a woman-owned company that started in Colorado and made its way to us. It had already made a name for itself in the US and came on strong and innovative with minutely dosed edible options such as Japanese Yuzu 2:1 Sour Soft Chews. This was much needed in this market and we are seeing other legal players joining in with better dosed edibles, oils, capsules etc. We are really noticing a shift in recreational cannabis consumption in Canada with micro dosing, which is sure to help in the ongoing goal to destigmatize all consumers.” - Jessica Bonilla, The Niagara Herbalist