Bedfellows Takes Winter by Storm

New cannabis beverages have been entering the market this year, and the category has become a staple for legal cannabis connoisseurs.
When Truss Beverages drops a product, the consumer responds, essentially setting the trend for the industry. This is why, when Bedfellows Liquid Arts launched earlier this month, it generated the same buzz the industry saw when edibles first came to market. “Bedfellows implies “strange,” which means new, unknown, uncharted, but also differing, unique, odd or unconventional,” says Chaman Sandhu, the Brand Management Lead at Truss. “We know taste matters to consumers, so we took two parties—both experts in their respective crafts—to pair the best liquids from North America with the best in cannabis.”
With consumers and innovation at Truss’ core, Bedfellows was developed as a direct result of consumers’ feedback of wanting beverages with fuller flavours and various types of liquid bases. Taking a uniquely collaborative approach to creating this first-of-its-kind Canadian brand, Bedfellows’ two new products - Haus Mates and Indie Pals - represent a distinctly new type of liquid, differentiated from the mass sodas, teas and waters currently available in the market.
“Bedfellows is something entirely different, and much desired, in the recreational cannabis beverage world,” Sandhu says. “We knew Canadians were looking for cannabis-infused beverages similar to Mollo, but with a higher potency and additional styles.” Haus Mates, a non-alcoholic Helles-inspired beverage with sweet malt and floral hops (Mt. Hood & Hallertau Mittelfrüh) contains 7.5mg THC + 2.5mg CBD while Indie Pals, a non-alcoholic IPA-inspired beverage with a fruity hops aroma (Citra, El Dorado, Simcoe & Mosaic) contains 10mg THC + 2mg CBD.
“Carefully crafting the liquids was part of the process to deliver flavours that take cannabis beverages to new heights of flavour experience”, says Sandhu. Haus Mates and Indie Pals are just the start for Bedfellows as the brand plans to continue serving up liquid profiles to deliver on consumer demand. This means Canadians can look forward to new drinks added to the line in the future.
Bedfellows arrives just in time for cozy evenings, gatherings with friends and family, bringing us something completely different, completely delicious, and entirely new. As a result of endless consulting and listening to consumer demand, Bedfellows is a total category game-changer and a gift to cannabis and adult-aged beverage lovers this winter.
At kind, we’re raising a glass and we invite you to join us too this holiday season.
To learn more, visit Bedfellows on social @bedfellowsliquidarts