These Are The 10 Best Canadian Cities for Nightlife, Ranked

It’s finally the season to head out for late nights and smoke breaks in Canada without having to don winter jackets, hats, and gloves – and we’re taking full advantage!
A study by an Online Gaming Company identified the best Canadian cities for nightlife, examining the number of bars, clubs, late-night restaurants, live music venues, and casinos. Some of these cities may surprise you, but hey, don’t knock it ’till you try it!

1. Toronto

Okay, this may be no surprise due to the sheer population and reputation. Toronto tops the list of the best nightlife cities in Canada, featuring the largest number of bars, late-night restaurants, and live music venues, as well as has the biggest gambling scene among listed cities with 26 casinos.

2. Vancouver

Also not a total shocker, Vancouver is the second-best Canadian city for nightlife. It has the second-biggest number of late-night restaurants and live music venues, surpassed only by Toronto.


3. Montreal

Montreal takes the third spot among Canada’s top nightlife cities, just one point behind Vancouver. It has just as many bars as Toronto – the most on the list – and offers the second-lowest cocktail price at just $11.
You’ll find 102 late-night restaurants and 50 live music venues – so you’d have a LOT to explore before going to the same one twice!

4. Halifax

Halifax ranks fourth on the list of the best Canadian cities for nightlife. This city has the second-highest number of clubs, and like in Montreal, the price of a single cocktail is only $11. While the city only has one casino and 38 late-night restaurants, there are a whopping 166 bars!

5. Calgary

Calgary holds the fifth place among the best nightlife cities in Canada. Like Toronto, this city also has a large gambling scene with the third-highest number of casinos on the list at 13. In Calgary, you’ll find 170 bars but just 30 venues for live music.

6. Ottawa

Ottawa is sixth on the list of the best nightlife cities in Canada, only three points behind Calgary. The city offers the fourth largest selection of 24/7 restaurants, catering to night owls. You’ll find the average price for a cocktail here is $12.

7. Edmonton

Edmonton is the seventh-best city for nightlife. Edmonton has the second-biggest gambling scene on the list, surpassing Calgary. Edmonton has a total of 14 casinos and 58 night clubs. If you’re hungry late at night, you can try your hand at 56 restaurants open far into the evening.

8. Winnipeg

Winnipeg takes eighth place on the list of the best nightlife cities in Canada. With just 18 live music venues and 38 late-night dining options, Winnipeg offers the most affordable single cocktail price among the listed cities at only $10!

9. Quebec City

Quebec is the ninth-best city for nightlife. The average cocktail price in this city is only $1 more expensive than Winnipeg’s. You’ll find three casinos, 27 live music venues, and 137 bars!
quebec city

10. Victoria

Victoria closes the list of the best Canadian cities for nightlife. This city is famous for its large selection of bars (127) and the quality of live music among 24 venues. You’ll be dishing out an average of $13 for cocktails here.
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