Buds on Buds on KIND Buds

The BUD: Alex Busch
The HISTORY: I have been consuming cannabis for several years. The first time I partook, I was hanging out with some friends when they offered me a hit. I toked my very first bong, and I haven’t looked back since.
The PLUG: I work for a wonderful dispensary called BUDSSMOKE. You can find me budtending at the St. Catharines, ON location.
The COP: I grabbed 3.5g of Organic Comatose by 1964. It is dried cannabis with 29% THC and 4.2% Terpenes. Major terpenes listed include Farnesene, T-Caryophyllene, and B-Myrcene. It is a genetic cross of OG Kush and an unknown indica strain.
The Smell: To no surprise, the smell of Organic Comatose is extremely aromatic. Upon opening the package, a pleasant yet strong smell came from the bud. It was a skunk-like scent reminiscent of classic OG Kush and other kush strains I have tried. That smell was soon followed by a peppery and earthy scent as well as pungent notes of citrus. These enjoyable and distinct scents only heightened after breaking and grinding up the nugs.
The FEEL: The feel of the nugs of Organic Comatose were both extremely dense, and extremely resinous. Each bud was large in size and coated in trichomes. The buds left a sticky residue on my fingers and, in my opinion, contained the perfect amount of moisture. Each bud was also beautifully trimmed.
The TASTE: Upon trying the Organic Comatose, I found it to be very flavourful which was expected after seeing such high terpene levels. The smoke itself was very smooth, allowing me to fully taste the flavour profiles of the flower. The taste was very earthy, it reminded me of fresh soil. The earthy taste quickly transformed into a more woody or herbal flavour. Upon exhaling, the taste became more peppery. I found the flavours in Organic Comatose to be overall very appealing.
The taste was very earthy, it reminded me of fresh soil.
The EXPERIENCE: I consumed Organic Comatose in my bong to start. Despite the thick clouds produced, the smoke was extremely smooth and palatable. When rolled into a joint the flavours and scents of the bud came through beautifully. The joint burnt very evenly and the colour of the ash produced was close to pure white.
Even more EXPERIENCE: As far as effects, the Organic Comatose was extremely relaxing; sedative, even.
I felt instantaneous heaviness behind my eyes followed by a tingly body buzz. The tense parts of my body quickly relaxed, as if I were melting. While watching “Family Guy” on my living room couch, I felt as if I were staring through the T.V. Every thought I had was deep and pleasantly humorous. Once I unglued myself from the sofa, I could see that my eyes were quite red. It did not take long for me to feel the full effects, and as the name suggests, I was comatose. This is the perfect evening bud for vegging out on the couch and having a laugh.
I will 100% keep this strain on my roster.