Budtender Review: Welcome Cannabis Test Drives BC Organic Harlequin Pre-rolls

I love working with budtenders to review great cannabis. This week, I tracked down Alex McCarthy at Welcome Cannabis on Dundas Street in Toronto. Alex had this to say.  

“I, as a perpetually anxious individual, love to smoke strains that are an even 1:1 balance of both CBD and THC which is one reason as to why I was ecstatic to receive Harlequin, seeing as the strain has a reputation for being fantastic. I tried the 1:1 BC Organic Harlequin, just now available in Ontario, in new 5×0.3g pre-rolls.

Upon lighting my joint I immediately noticed a relatively unique flavour profile, gassy yet earthy while being citrusy, all at once. There was no one terpene overtaking another, instead existing in harmony during both inhale and exhale. Such a treat.

The smoking experience itself was an extremely pleasant one as the smoke was smooth, creamy and offered no resistance on inhale, with the experience being capped off by a billowing cloud of smoke upon exhale. This being said, I would categorize this as one of the more enjoyable 1:1 smokes I have had. The effects of Harlequin start off light, but are instant as I could feel a palpable tingling sensation behind my eyes along with the busyness of my mind slowing immediately after I finished the joint.


I feel as though this strain is akin to the old days of smoking, back before we had the potency and technology we modern stoners have become accustomed to, as the cerebral effects are noticeable, yet enjoyably light. 

Where I personally find Harlequin stands out is within the way it manages its 1:1 CBD THC blend. With it being a sativa-based strain I was not expecting to enjoy myself as much as I did, as traditionally your girl gets sketched out when she smokes a sativa, as I suspect many of my fellow smokers do. With the inclusion of CBD I was finally able to enjoy the uplifting effects that come with sativa and have no weed-related stress. Harlequin is the perfect daytime strain, I think, for anybody who wants to be able to function while they’re high, and also for anybody who wants to melt away their worries and just vibe for a bit.

Overall I would say this strain is going to be recommended by me to my customers, and I think most anybody would have a good time while using this stain, especially those who want a calm high, or beginners.”

For more information on Welcome Cannabis, please click here. For more information on BC Organic Harlequin Pre-rolls (now in Ontario!), click here.