Cannatonic Infused Blended Chia Yogurt

A mellow, Sungrown strain high in CBD with virtually no THC is the ideal addition to this recipe and a great way to start the day. The earthy cedar and fresh rain undertones inspired by our lush BC climate make Cannatonic a great choice for an uplifting and mellow experience without sacrificing rich aromas or fluffy, soft buds. Meesh uses the LEVO II to infuse carrier oil with our high CBD Cannatonic, then blends it up with chia seeds, salt, sweetener, bananas and strawberries for about a minute.
Sponge Cake With Serratus Infused Honey

half a banana


You'll Need:nLEVO IInBlendernMeasuring cups/spoons


Start with your oil—this can be done in advance to make things easier on yourself. Take 3.5 grams of high CBD Cannatonic, grind until medium fine. Using your LEVO II, place the ground cannabis in the pod with coconut oil and set to infuse at 160 for 2.5 hours.


Take all ingredients, add to blender and blend on high until your chia seeds break down to a liquid texture.


Refrigerate to set (optional).


In conjunction with Tantalus Labs.