Design-Forward Cannabis Accessories for Style & Function

Don’t hide your canna accessories away because they “ruin” the look of your space! Since legalization, we have seen everything from grinders, to bongs and pipes, to rolling papers get a serious design upgrade.

Now, the average consumer can seek out accessories and pieces for higher living that *actually* fit their home. The industry has woven itself into so many aspects of design and art, and we love these gorgeous statement items for your stash box or countertops.

These brands and stores bring something new to the canna community with their high-design products. Check them out!


Cloud Commons

Pottery lovers, tap in! These pieces not only act as functional, ‘uplifting’ accessories but can also double as home decor with the neutral and bold ceramic pottery pieces. These are meant to shine on tables and countertops, not hidden behind a locked door!

Below you’ll see their Monochrome Pthalo Rolling Tray and the Pepa Bong

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Wandering Bud

This is for all the indulgers who love some cute, colourful, and quirky designs on your accessories. You believe ANY product can be made beautiful with some creativity and paint. Wandering Bud heard you and that’s why their newest collection is Leopard!

Take this doodle tray for example, or brighten up your j’s with their Sunny Field Trip Rolling Papers. We especially love this Luna Pipe shaped like a crescent moon.

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Laundry Day Co.

These items are unique, playful, yet almost look mechanical. These pieces not only serve a purpose but make a conversation piece and decor item for the home that will impress the abstract art lovers in your life.

Silo Grinder is an ergonomic four-piece grinder that offers a simple silhouette while ensuring a reliably smooth grinding experience. Made of four aluminum compartments; two portions for grinding, a middle chamber to collect ground herb, and a bottom compartment to gather excess kief.

The Limited Edition Frosted Glass Tanjun Pipe looks like a translucent cloud yet is a simplistic structure for consistent use.

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Another Room

These products are all 3D printed, and Another Room is committed to sharing more and educating website visitors on the what and why of 3D printing products with plant-based plastics instead of using other methods!

This makes for unique, colourful, and never-before-seen products like this FLOATING ash tray that looks like a lily pad, and the perfect duo holder, “Jointlocker 2.0“.

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BRNT Designs

BRNT’s boundary-pushing and forward-thinking approach was a breath of new life in the cannabis home accessories space. These geometric bongs, pipes, and other accessories make sure a cool gift and even cooler splurge for yourself.

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The Ally

Now this cute storage container is perfect for all your accessories and goodies! Ally is the first-ever lockable storage box that is food-safe, multipurpose, and super stylish. You can have all your indulgences in one place without worrying about someone getting in who’s not supposed to! Plus, it looks so cute in a cabinet or out in the open.

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ally storage box
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