Five Cannabis Drinks, Drank and Reviewed

Beverages in the cannabis sector are a growing market, both in terms of offerings and market share—with more and more Canadians drinking their cannabis every day. Among the leaders of this sector is undoubtedly Truss Beverages, who recently released five new brands across the country. How do they taste, when should they be enjoyed, and what’s the backstory on these buzzy thirst-quenchers? We asked Mel Smith to open up her refrigerator and drink away.
“For those on a journey of self-care. Inspired by deep consumer insight, this CBD extract has trace amounts of THC, and no sugar or calories. Available in flavours like Sicilian Lemon and Strawberry Hibiscus, it’s refreshing; perfect for a post-yoga chill out relax moment. It’s also a nice complement for the Sunday Scares—a Sunday evening relaxer before we have to get back to work. We also do a Veryvell non-carbonated Lemon Black Iced Tea that’s low dosed, not meant to blow your socks off with THC. Really, I like everything in this line—but the Sicilian Lemon is what I consume most.”
“A high-potency, intensely-flavoured drink that’s not designed for the new user. From our XMG line, it comes in tiny cans like the mini Coca Colas you (used to) find in a hotel fridge. It has 10mg of THC—the maximum legal allowed dosage—and we say this is for the ‘mindset shift,’ like when you come home after work and want to switch gears. XMG offers an experienced user a quick hit, fast.”
“There’s a beer taste to this, but, of course, per the rules, it’s non-alcoholic, yet it has a slight malt character and it’s designed to be sessionable—you could have two or three at a backyard BBQ. Available in 2.5 or 5mg of THC, it’s light and refreshing: a subtly hopped sparkling beverage that also might just prove very popular around the holidays.”
“My personal favourites—drinks designed with the flavours of terpenes from our House of Terpenes line. Terpenes, from all plants, not just cannabis, have been around forever, and this line celebrates the terpene with a complex mocktail. It’s good for getting friends together for a dinner party or to have a drink after dinner and I like these because everyone’s had Iced Tea or sparkling water, but these are based on terpenes like limonene and myrcene. The tastes are familiar, but still unique. This is a fun brand for people who want to explore cannabis in a new kind of drink.”
“Let’s face it: people aren’t having major life celebrations these days, especially during COVID. Our Little Victory line is a nice entry dose—2.5mg of THC—and it’s super light and tasty. It’s low sugar and has a nice citrus flavour. Some are fruit-forward, Blood Orange, Dark Cherry, and some are more citrus, but all of them are designed to be fun flavours and to mark little occasions, like, say, today I took a flight of stairs. I think these days we can all use a Little Victory, cheers.”