Flying High

It doesn’t hurt that a lot of skaters consume, but mainstream media has really pushed the narrative of “the pothead skater”. While both cannabis consumers and skaters have been labeled as outcasts in the past, both are working towards a brighter, higher future. In 2021 skateboarding had its inaugural showing in the Tokyo Olympics. Years leading up to the games there was a lot of talk about whether or not this was going to be the best thing for skateboarding, but in the end what's most important is that it's opened a lot of people’s eyes to how amazing the sport really is. Skaters still get kicked out of public spaces by security guards and cops every day, but now civilians will stop on the street to watch and rack their brains about how to control the wooden toy. In Canada skaters have about 6 months to get as much skating done as possible before the snow and cold take over, but that just fuels their passion to burn hotter. Skateboarding is what you want to make it. Walk down the street, and where most people see benches to sit, stairs to walk up and curbs for parking, skateboarders are always looking deeper into how they can incorporate the landscape around them into their craft.

Jeff Matheson – Vancouver, BC

Frontside Air

This spot is a memorial dedicated to Lee M. Lee found the underpass skate spot and started skating there when it rained. When he passed away fellow skaters banded together to complete and evolve what is now known as Leeside Skatepark.

Photo: Jeff Thorburn

Hugo Balek @schmaleekk – Montreal, QC

Kickflip Frontside Noseslide

Hugo has got to be one of Canada’s national treasures. Viral on the internet before YouTube even existed, Hugo brings the good times on any session he’s a part of.

Photo: Ryan Lebel

Lee Yankou @leeyankou – Toronto, ON

Boardslide up and over the rainbow

Most of the spots that Lee skates aren’t accessible to other skaters because they are too tall, too long, or just too crazy to even be considered.

Photo: James Morley

Dustin Henry @dustinofficial_1 – Montreal, QC

Pole Jam

Dustin is the co-founder of Nations Skate Youth, an indigenous led organisation, that helps inspire the indigenous youth to skateboard, as well as show the importance of keeping cultural traditions alive through stories.

Photo: Ryan Lebel

Riley Boland @rileyboland – Calgary, AB

Frontside Invert

Skateparks are one of the most crucial parts of skateboard culture. It’s a training ground, it’s a meet up spot, its what brings a local skate scene together. Its also where a lot of people started smoking weed for the first time.

Photo: Jeff Thorburn

Scott Varney @6ixgoth – Toronto, ON

Back Tailslide

Hopefully one day Health Canada will let cannabis brands do more lifestyle marketing and we can see cannabis skate teams like brands do in the US.

Photo: James Morley

Annie Guglia @nnieguglia – Montreal, QC


Annie was one of the few that got to skate in the 2020 Toyko Olympics! If you haven’t watched the recap of the women’s street section, go check it out

Photo: Ryan Lebel