High Season

St Anne’s Spa (Grafton, ON)

St. Anne’s Spa introduced cannabis to their spa services during early days of legalization—infusing their otherworldly spa experience with the addition of a Canna Massage. Using their own branded CBD Infused Relax Massage Oil, the already-sublime massage becomes elevated: melting stress to deliver a full-body relaxed bliss.

The spa has also extended its Skin Nourishment line to include a range of CBD-laden products, such as Relief Body Butter and Rescue Muscle Salve.

Cannabis, Breath-work + Cold Exposure (Niagara on the Lake, ON)

One of the benefits of a Canadian winter is the cold-plunge: often known as the Wim Hof method. A natural way to stimulate the bodies’ endocannabinoid system, cold plunge benefits include increased mental and physical performance, decrease in pain and other symptoms and more. This upcoming event fuses together the benefits of using breath, temperature and cannabis products to deliver a wellness experience like no other.

420 Amethyst Rockhounding Hike (Canning, NS)

I’d basically give anything to experience this guided rock-hunting hike in Nova Scotia (not for the inexperienced hiker). You’re provided a pre-roll at the start and you leave with an amethyst rock of your choosing—not to mention a smile. In between, the guide leads the group on a cannabis-happy trek up incredible terrain in Amethyst Cove, Nova Scotia, ending in a 300ft rappel down to a sandy beach. Smoke breaks are welcome in between and throughout. An actual dream.

High’Q Niagara (St. Catherines, Ontario)

An event space and meeting area from the people behind the great Niagara Herbalist, this cozy downhome artsy area is a safe space for art exhibits, hot yoga and other great activities enhanced while high. Cannabis isn’t at that front of High’Q Niagara, it’s instead part of a warm health and wellness infused afternoon. You hear that? It’s the future calling. And its headquarters is High’Q.