House Party

1. CBD Isolate Powder by MediPharm Labs
2. Pink Kush pre-roll by Pure Sunfarms
3. Original Stash by HEXO
4.5. Wild Berry Blaze by Shred’ems
6. 7. Sugar Free 1:1 Orchard Fruit Gems by Olli
8. PAX Era Life
9. Back Forty 40s from Auxly Cannabis Group
10. Redecan Reddes: Wrapped and Redee Pre-Roll
11. D.Bubba pre-roll by Pure Sunfarms
12. Greybeard THCA Live Resin Diamonds
13. Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie by Olli
14. Raspberry Cheesecake Cookie by Olli
15. Salted Caramel Chocolate Square by Foray
16. BC Pink Kush by Flowr
17. Sugar Free 1:1 Orchard Fruit Gems by Olli
18. Wild Berry Blaze and Megamelon Gummies by Shred’ems
19. Mango Sativa and Blood Orange 20:1 Hybrid Sour Gummies by Wana Brands
20. Black Cherry Punch pre-roll by Pure Sunfarms
21. Blood Orange Fruit Chew by Olli
22. Edison JOLTS by Organigram