Russell Peters Lets Down His Hair

KIND: As Canadians, what do we gain by surviving the cold for so long to get into the summer?
RUSSELL PETERS: …about fifteen pounds
Summertime romances are great when you’re a teenager. If you met a girl and fell in love, it was a great summer. It’s how you defined your summer.
Going up north to my uncle’s cottage with my family is my favourite summer memory and having all of my cousins there; fishing, hanging out, going out on their bass boat. It really was the best. #CottageLife
If I could take any woman out on a boat at sunset it would be my wife Ali. After she took a Dramamine, we would sail no further than half a kilometre from shore. It doesn’t matter where we’d go—the important thing is that we’d be fresh off the boat when we hit the shore.
Best summer song is easy: Sailing, by Christopher Cross and the best summer show? Steely Dan at The Greek Theatre in LA, with my brother Clayton.
On my perfect summertime day, I get up around noon. Have breakfast, then a dip in the pool (shallow end, I can’t swim). Then a nice cigar in the backyard … or a nice Backwoods in the backyard.