Saskatoon’s Hipster Hotspots: A Guide to the City’s Trendiest Neighbourhoods

For those of you that are planning a trip to Saskatoon and are looking to explore the off-beaten path, this is for you.

Skip the touristy destinations and over-hyped places altogether with this list of hipster hotspots to be explored.

Whether it’s an eclectic coffee shop or a not so well known art gallery, here is your guide to Saskatoon’s trendiest neighbourhoods.


Venn Coffee Roasters


If you’re looking to visit a small, independent coffee roaster near City Park, Saskatoon, Venn Coffee Roasters is your go-to. It’s a great spot to grab a cup of joe or a bite to eat and it has a unique atmosphere. Don’t skip the iced blueberry matcha drinks and tasty-looking granola bowls.



AKA Artist-Run Centre


This art gallery, located in the Core Neighborhood Area, is the only artist-run center in Saskatoon, and one of two artist-run centers in Saskatchewan, according to its website. AKA Artist-Run supports creative individuals through all of their experimental art practices and risk-taking. It’s a great place to see some incredible local work from different artists in the community.



POP Wine Bar


POP Wine Bar is a trendy place to visit near the Central Business District of Saskatoon and it will have you feeling as if you’ve been transported to Paris. The intimate spot has an outstanding natural wine menu that includes everything from traditional bubbles to orange wine options. They also offer wine flights, if you can’t decide on just one glass of vino to go with.



Ayden Kitchen and Bar


This restaurant, located near the Central Business District of Saskatoon, is a hidden gem for those looking to try internationally inspired-comfort foods and elevated cocktails. The cozy eatery has a great menu that also uses locally sourced ingredients. Whether you are looking for a samosa with cooling onion yogurt or a drink with traditional bitters, this place has it all.



Better Brother Brewing Co.


Better Brother Brewing Co. is located in the Central Industrial area of Saskatoon. It’s a not-so-well-known microbrewery that offers beer flights and finger-licking snack pairings. The brewery also hosts fun events like crib night and even speed dating!


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