Such Great Heights ft. Jacob Golliday

A former college baseball player, Jacob Golliday is a professional golfer and cannabis activist who defies stigma and aces the links on a regular basis. “Cannabis is way more than what I was taught as a teen and I want to make sure everyone understands what their own body wants and needs,” says Golliday, adding that the whole plant is crucial for him and that he enjoys both CBD and THC.
I Iove cannabis along with the culture associated with the plant.
For Golliday, being on the frontlines of the golf world hasn’t come without grief. “Being called a stoner is annoying, like that you’re not smart, or can’t do anything because you're high all the time.” However, Golliday says that strides are being made and stigma is lifting. “I Iove cannabis along with the culture associated with the plant,” he says, adding that, as a means of consumption, “glass bongs all day.” On his journeys, he’s confronted plenty of non-cannabis people, but he has a word of advice for the curious. “Don’t be scared to ask questions,” he says, “Also, support the culture and not the suits!”