Such Great Heights ft. Marshawn Lynch

After twelve years with the Seattle Seahawks, Lynch made four Pro Bowls and helped Seattle win two Super Bowls. He’s widely regarded as one of the best running backs of the modern era and also the founder of Dodi Blunts, an Oakland-based licensed producer. We caught up with Lynch for a session.
  • kind: ​​You don't take cannabis for wellness, you take it for the buzz, and admit that. Can you explain what that means?

    Marshawn Lynch: Dodi helps me get my mind right, ya feel me? Helps me relax and recover and chill when I need to take the edge off. It helps me get right from whatever I’m working on so I can come back solid.

  • kind: During your football career, how did you use cannabis?

    ML: They say that a football player withstands the impact of dozens of car crashes every season, for me it was like every damn game. That shit takes a toll on you both mentally and physically. If there’s something that helps without hurting anyone, then why wouldn’t we look into it?

In Oakland we smoke blunts, big blunts.
  • kind: If America goes federally legal with pot, do you think it stands that the NFL will have to allow it?

    ML: Let’s put the politics to the side. Cannabis is no longer about the plant, it’s about a whole bunch of other shit. If America goes federal, it should take some of the tension out the air. If that shit happens and we just focus on how it can help people, not the other shit, then I’m hella hopeful the league will come around.

  • kind: I know it’s important to you that your community benefits from cannabis legalization and not just big corporations.

    ML: We are in these streets, ya know? We live this shit every day. The community of Oakland is our lab to breed dope-ass products. We hire from the community and promote from the community. And we work with the Last Prisoner Project to employ some of the people that get released from prison through our Ambassador Program.

  • kind: Your company is called dodi Blunts. What’s dodi?

    ML: In Oakland we smoke blunts, big blunts. We smoke big and we got that good, fire-ass weed. Big smoke, hella big clouds and shit. Me and my cousins were sitting on the block back in the day and someone pulled up and asked if we got some of that Dodi. And it’s been called Dodi ever since. Go get you somma dat Dodi—let it get you right