Sustainable Fashion: Female-Founded Canadian Clothing Brands Making A Positive Impact

Whether you’re looking to support Canadian female-owned brands or purchase products from companies that weave sustainability and good values into the very fabric of their businesses, here are five companies to know about.

These female-led Canadian fashion brands are not just pushing the boundaries of style but also pushing for a more sustainable and ethical future.

Poppy Barley


Poppy Barley, headquartered in Alberta, is more than just a fashion brand; it’s a certified B Corporation with a mission to provide luxury for both people and the planet. They reimagine every step in their production process to create sustainably made products that are fairly priced. Poppy Barley’s commitment to building long-term relationships with factories ensures permanent, secure employment for artisans. Their factories meet high standards for working conditions, guaranteeing a living wage, full-time employment, and health care and pension benefits for workers. Check out some of their stylish pieces like “The Two Point Five Ankle Boot” and “The Cove Crewneck.

The Founders
“The Cove Crewneck”
“The Two Point Five Ankle Boot”
Alder Apparel


Alder Apparel, a Canadian outdoor recreation apparel brand, stands out for its inclusive sizing, ranging from XS to 6X. They’ve introduced the Alder ReCreate Program, encouraging consumers to reduce consumption and prolong the life of their products. This initiative aligns with their vision to reduce waste and make sustainable fashion accessible to all. Check out some of their cozy sweatsuit styles like the “get cozy crewneck sweatshirt.

The Founders
“get cozy crewneck sweatshirt”




Seray, a sleepwear brand, was born out of a personal quest by the founder, Lauren, to find comfortable and sustainable sleepwear. Frustrated by the limited options offered by fast-fashion companies with unethical practices, Lauren ventured into entrepreneurship, creating Seray to put women first. Her dedication to sustainability is woven into the very fabric of her brand. These sets are proudly made in beautiful British Columbia, Canada to reduce their carbon footprint and support fair wages.  Check out “The Ivory Set” for possibly one of the best nights of sleep in your life.

The Founder
“The Ivory Set”


Malvados, a Vancouver-based lifestyle footwear brand, is all about music, travel, and fashion. What makes them unique is their partnership with Soles4Souls Canada, a nonprofit organization that repurposes shoes and clothing to empower communities and reduce waste. Malvados is not only creating stylish footwear but also making a positive impact on the world. Don’t skip checking out the “Puff Daddy Mule – Lyric” shoes, for a cozy new pair of kicks.

The Founder
“Puff Daddy Mule – Lyric”


Franc is a certified B Corporation, which signifies a deep commitment to social and environmental responsibility. They prioritize personal style over fleeting fashion trends and work tirelessly to solve the issue of cheaply made clothes produced in poor conditions. With a mission to create a more conscious and fashion-loving planet, Franc takes every aspect of their business into account, from employees and production partners to customers, the community, and the environment. Check out one of their bestsellers, “The Trouser Sweatpant” for a comfy and sustainably-made look.

The Founder
“The Trouser Sweatpant”

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