The Jen Newton Guide to Winter Delectables, Lovelies and Weed

Happy Winter Wonderlands, tis the season of the senses.
Cold always spans the full spectrum of feelings & emotion (at least for most). The start of winter a joyful high, the mood mostly light, festive and playful. We give, we receive, we get high.
Then the seasons shift: days drag darker, the cold gets sharper. Joy becomes a bit tougher to source. It’s in those moments I believe in gifting oneself, in using the good stuff, saving special things for *this* occasion.
Read on for some of our favourite ways to gift her, him, them and you in order to spark joy all winter long.

Pure Sunfarms Marketplace Goods

Pure Sunfarms has put a focus on perfecting cannabis culture’s most classic cultivars (like Pink Kush, Blue Dream and Jet Fuel Gelato) alongside some of the most-fun accessories I’ve seen via the brand’s Marketplace. Whimsical, optimistic items, like this festive Candy Cane Pipe and artful tin Stashbox demonstrate the brand’s dedication to the elevation of your cannabis ritual.

7ACRES Papaya

Those fruity cultivars strike again, this time with fab-favourite Papaya, by premium producers 7ACRES. This high-THC strain leans indica, and sings with a fruity, aromatic bouquet (the result of crossing Citral #3 and Ice #2). The effect lands on the body with a calm wave of relaxation - while stimulating the mind with a heightened sense of euphora (my fave). The result is the best of two worlds - mental stimulation with a relaxing physical effect. My Papaya and I will be right here.

Madge + Mercer: MM01 La Calma Lemongrass Ginger CBD Oil

By far the best-tasting CBD blend I’ve tried, this Lemongrass Ginger high-CBD, micro-THC blend tastes so good I crave it. The recipe, developed with chef Ted Corrado, is a light and refreshing way to deliver a daily dose of wellness, formulated with what the female-founding duo dubs the ideal blend for women 40+: a high dose of CBD and trace amount of THC. Highly recommend.

Midtown Candle Co. A Love Story

This hand-crafted candle company hand-pours love into every one of their vegan candles, but this Love Story is extra special. The founders were rocked this past September with the sudden loss of husband Karim of this husband-wife duo. This candle honours Karim and 70% of the proceeds of Love Story sales go into a fund in his honour, empowering underprivileged kids to attend hockey camps. Pass on the love.

TGOD Highly Dutch

I’ve got a soft-spot for Dutch, thanks to my 14-year-old shih tzu, Dutchie. The Green Organic Dutchman’s all-organic offering excites me (as does their glass, jewel-shaped packaging). Spinoff brand Highly Dutch has a lineup that includes a Sativa-leaning Amsterdam, the Rotterdam Indica, and an array of hash. Organic at a sweet price point—we love it.

Stündenglass Gravity Hooka

A 360-degree rotating glass bong that generates kinetic motion using cascading water displacement, opposing airflow technology, and gravity's natural force, this is the premier apparatus for getting high. With its sophisticated design, the apparatus looks a bit more like a high-end modern art sculpture than a bong—perfect for a pot ritual that feels special.

Tremblant Hash

This is the hash of your happiest, haziest memories, when weed delivered fits of uncontrollable giggles and enveloped warmth of weed’s embrace. Try breaking it up and spreading a light sprinkle into your joint or bong—or else try hot knives to relive full glory days.

PAX Releaf Era Pod

PAX is a long-time supporter of the veteran community and their fight for fair and equal access to cannabis medicine. Now, with their Releaf Era Pod, PAX will donate a portion of sales to Canada’s Wounded Warriors (Weed for Warriors in the US), as well as offering an ongoing 20% discount to all vets.

Bedfellows Liquid Arts

Beer lovers rejoice, this is the brew we’ve been waiting for. The hemp-infused CBD and THC blends Bedfellows Haus Mates & Indie Pals are crisp and delicious. Our kind of happy hour.