This is Our Chapter: Natural History

When Natural History releases a new cultivar, fans know it must be special. The brand, based in Edmonton, hunts down and tests thousands of different genetics to produce some of the country’s finest strains, such as LA Kush Cake, ACDC Cookies and Tally Man. “Before releasing a cultivar, we plant around 1,200 seeds in order to find a single cut," says Reed Myers, Chief Scientist at Natural History. “Besides testing for potent THC levels, we are looking for unique terpene profiles, plant structure, and experiences. From the beginning our team aimed to bridge the gap between the science and the culture of cannabis.”
Christian Lopez, Head Of Culture & Brands, added: "As far as I know, we were the first LP to put a terpene bar on our packaging and are always looking for ways to enrich cannabis culture." While the majority of producers are focused on high THC potency—Natural History's mission is to bring to life the story of cannabis through their products, offering premium flower, pre-rolls, and extracts. Part of their story includes cultivation, which is done indoors at their purpose-built facility, in tightly controlled environments. The result is the beautiful, aromatic flower found in the Natural History bags. That same full A-grade bud is also used in all their extract products.
In their quest to create the ultimate cannabis experience, the genetic heads at Natural History have partnered with Airgraft, a revolutionary vape technology that utilizes Natural History’s Broad Spectrum extract. Samantha Briand, Senior Marketing Manager at Airgraft, says their closed-loop vaporizers that recently launched in Ontario and Alberta, are a perfect match for Natural History's extract. “With our proprietary battery and pods, we control the entire experience. When producers like Natural History put all this effort into curating an amazing extract, they deserve a vape technology that respects the quality,” says Briand, mentioning that their vape battery is pre-programmed to detect which type of extract a consumer is using and automatically sets itself to the optimum heating profile.

In the California market, the Airgraft technology has already launched and is soaring. Consumers there are migrating to closed-loop systems due to the issues related to leakage and improper heating in 510 vapes. “Consumers in Canada have a real appetite for a vaping experience that will preserve all the hard work of excellent cultivation and extraction from companies like Natural History,” added Briand.
At Natural History, Reed Myers says their team is always doing R&D on unique genetics for the legal market. They want to be known for their originality, and for building authentic connections within the Canadian, and international, cannabis communities.
“Our brand was influenced by the legacy culture, and we have tremendous respect for those that laid down the foundation. Our goal now is to combine the two worlds, enriching the legacy and writing a new chapter in the cannabis story with our retail partners and consumers,” says Lopez, eyeing 2023 as a time of expansion, with dozens of select small batch cultivars set to release in the Canadian market. “Cannabis lovers are blessed to have access to quality products in this country. Our partnership with Airgraft demonstrates our commitment to making our customers happy. I believe once they try it, they'll never be able to go back to the 510 cartridges.”
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