Inside the Bob Marley Experience

Cedella Marley is Bob Marley's first born and one of the people behind the Bob Marley One Love Experience, an interactive exhibit with memorabilia and rare photographs from the Marley estate. Located at the Lighthouse Immersive Art Space at 1 Yonge Street, the mind-blowing show, featuring handwritten concert set lists by Bob Marley, his famous Adidas soccer shoes and tons of excellent archives, is guaranteed to thrill any music fan.
"It makes me happy that people are listening to his music and might have his poster up on their wall, but there also comes a time to take action," says Cedella Marley, as she toured KIND magazine through the exhibit, including the KIND Summer Fair headliner Kirk Diamond. "Technology is great and it's the future, but the world isn't so bright for the people living in it right now."
Bob Marley is well-known for hit songs like No Woman No Cry and Get Up, Stand Up and his lyrics are an inspiration for people all over the world. Marley is also a cannabis enthusiast and promoted the lifestyle of cannabis before it became fashionable, and certainly before it was legal. Cedella Marley says she believes that legalization of cannabis is a good thing, but is reasonably exasperated by who is making the most money from the plant becoming a consumer packaged goods product for sale.
"I certainly have seen and known cannabis, but it doesn't make sense that there's still so many people behind bars for a plant—for a plant—while another group of people are able to make money," she said.
The exhibit, which arrives in Toronto from London and will be here through the end of the summer, features rooms dedicated to aspects of Marley's life: there's his gold records; his live stage shirts; and there's a room with walls of cannabis, that any interested reader like Kirk Diamond and myself find divine. Cedella, who performed with her brother Ziggy in the Melody Makers and is the mother of Skip Marley—a two-time Grammy nominee—is rightly proud of her father's legacy, and says she sees the exhibit as a chance to build on all that her famous father created.
"I'm proud of everything built by my daddy and excited to carry on his legacy," she says. "I look forward to sharing the Bob Marley One Love Experience, with all of Canada—and with the world."
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