KIND Top 5 – Weekly Roundup

A weekly roundup of the Best in Weed

Kindling Cannabis was buzzing with tons of smart people shopping for weed drinks. “I really think this is a category with legs,” the budtender told me, and it certainly feels that way: a cannabis drink in the summertime just makes sense, like ordering the pasta in Rome. In our weekly roundup of the Best in Bud, we took a tour of Kindling, at 1567 Dundas Street West.

The Official Wiz Khalifa Rolling Tray

Sure, call us biased, but still . . .  how cool is it to roll your shit up on the KIND summertime cover star? You probably could get away with rolling on your kitchen table, but is that really how to maximise joy?

General Admission Taster’s Pack

Distillate Infused Pre-Roll Taster Pack is a cannabis lover’s dream—a chance to try all the newest, dankiest bud on the market. Tiger Blood, one of three strains in this GA package and coming in at almost 40% THC, is always popular, we were told.


Sheesh Hash Sodas

“I find it tastes better than a Cherry Coke,” said our budtender, and what a world we live in, where a black cherry hash soda made with live rosin costs less than ten bucks.

Sherbinskis Live Resin All in One

The disposable vape pen category is one we’ve been loving and at the Wiz show we saw the new one from Atlas Global designed with Snoop Dogg: 🔥

Pink Sherbs, with the Strawberry Gelato profile, is new and aromatic and the customer before us purchased one, which got us thinking: I need one of these, too.




Coconut oil and CBD combine in this Rubicon product representing the next wave of weed. In addition to being consummate smokers, we also exercise regularly at KIND and this CBD stick—which smells of wintergreen and absorbs like the finest Sephora lotion—works wonders on aching muscles, especially after a long night of dancing to Wiz.

And this week we are adding a bonus one for a brand that launched for our Ontario today, Super Toast.


Freshly rolled HOAGIE-SIZED joints stuffed with 1g of potent strain du jour. Served up beefy, bulky and full of herbs. All you need is a light. Two in a pack, because two is better than one. Coming soon to a store near you.