These Are the 5 Most Charming Towns in Canada For Dreamy Trips

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1Have you been itching to leave the big city to relocate to a small, quiet town with lots of scenery and nature? You’re not alone! Whether you’re searching for the best place to move, or are just hoping to discover more of Canada’s small town gems on a road trip or vacation, Betway unveiled the most charming ones in Canada and the USA.

Five Canadian cities made the list, based on positive sentiments about the town, number of landmarks, parks, and more! Check them out here.

1. Whitehorse, Yukon

The tiny town of Whitehorse is officially Canada’s most charming town. Nestled amongst three mountains, not only is it a place to see the Northern Lights, but Whitehorse has the most museums on the list (seven), as well as the most art galleries (six).

The city also has the third most landmarks (14), and the fifth most positive sentiment (24%), so if you move or travel there, you can discover wildlife at Yukon Wildlife Preserve, explore the exhibits at SS Klondike, or wander down the pretty Whitehorse Waterfront.


2. Langley, BC

Just outside of Vancouver, Langley has more parks than any other Canadian town on the list (alongside Owen Sound) with 13! Head to Derby Reach Regional Park for one of their prettiest one, located on the banks of the Fraser River.

Not only that, but Langley has the second most landmarks at 17, as well as the joint second most museums; alongside 211,000 monthly searches on Instagram, on average. So, head here and you’ll get to go on the self-guided Langley Circle Farm tour, where you can pick berries and pumpkins, and learn more about the town’s history at Fort Langley.

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3. Brockville, ON

If you find yourself in Brockville, you’ll get to discover one of Canada’s oldest railway tunnels, dating back to the 1800s, spend an afternoon at the arts centre, which hosts plays and musicals; or wander across Brock Trail, which takes you from downtown to Buell’s Creek, where you can see lots of sights along the way.

The town not only boasts the most landmarks on the list, at 20, but the joint fifth most parks.

4. Duncan, Vancouver Island

Situated on picturesque Vancouver Island, one museum here includes the Hand of Man, which is a natural history museum. However, what you might not know is that Duncan is referred to as the “City of Totems”, more than 40 of which can be found in the downtown core – so they’re definitely worth visiting, too.


5. Owen Sound, ON

Home to 13 parks (the joint most on our list), and four museums (joint second), there’s plenty to do in Owen Sound.

Harrison Park spans more than 40 acres, and has gardens, trails and forests just waiting to be explored. Continue your walk down the connected Bruce Trail, to reach Inglis Falls, which drop 18 meters. There are also three farmers’ markets to visit, where you can buy delicious local produce.

owen sound
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Wondering what the rest of the list has? The towns that made it into positions six to 10 are Port Alberni on Vancouver Island in BC, Truro in Nova Scotia, Rouyn-Noranda in Quebec, Saint-Constant (which scored the highest for the most positive sentiment) in Quebec, and Airdrie in Alberta.

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